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How often have you heard that it takes 21 days to form a new habit? Well, it's not that simple:
Some individuals make a new habit stick in as little as 18 days but on average it takes 66 days - that's over 9 weeks!
The idea of 21 days comes from a 1960 book called Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell M...

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Often in therapy we speak of being persistent in working on ourselves with help of modalities and guidelines which haven't changed much in decades. (e.g. focus on avoiding People, Places and Things in recovery) It creates a feeling of recycling knowledge and going in circles and often does not re...

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What a great certification course. I learned so much and I am ready to move this knowledge on to my clients.
Have you ever heard of ancestral diet, or the how yoga and exercise can impact your overall mental health, do you know how detoxing affects your mind? Please contact me for a free assessm...

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Ever wondered how to get your kids to eat more fruits and vegetables? As adults we are responsible role models for the eating habits of our kids - undoubtedly we create unknowingly or carelessly some of the worse health issues in early childhood. Did you know that it is ok to say no to fast-food?...

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My Essentials of Mental Health Nutrition
• There is no one diet for everyone
• Food should be fresh, nutrient-dense
• Combine raw and cooked foods
• Know where your food came from
• Know how your food was grown.
• Avoid excitotoxins and additives
• Feed your Brain not just your Body
• Even small ...

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Life is a constant barrage of triggers. Your focus needs to be on loving yourself and acting on that self love. How? Do something for yourself, power through the trigger and if that does not work - therapy that walks you through coping skills to achieve that would be my next suggestion. Call or e...

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When clinicians share skills and tools with a patient it is only the class room version. Applying the new tools and skills while living your life is necessary to know if they work for you! No hands on practice = no progress! Let me help you apply skills you maybe learned during therapy with someo...

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Welcome to 2021 - Salt'n'Pepper Consulting LLC is using SimplePractice now as its EHR. Happy that this program is streamlining the process of treatment planning and scheduling. I still have some spots open and accept new clients. Let me know how Salt'n'Pepper Consulting can spice up your life.

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Thank you Dr. Greger for another fantastic book. I will use these recipes for my clients and can’t wait to help your family with Nutritional Mental Health Consulting.


a year ago
Counseling with Thomas made a huge impact on my life. I had tried working with other counselors before, but I always hit a wall where their ability to understand me and my situation seemed to just end, and so it was hard to make any progress. Thomas, on the other hand, made a great effort to get to know me, and to understand the way I think and operate. Because of this, my meetings with him were less like sessions and more like conversations, and this helped me greatly. He was able to very naturally draw me out of my shell, and through this and his efforts to understand who I was, he tailored all exercises and conversation topics to suit what I needed. I had been with counselors before, but it had been a long time since I had felt so comfortable and understood. I firmly believe that much of the personal growth I have gone through in the past two years is due directly to Thomas and the comfortable, encouraging environment he created for me.
- Dawson B
a year ago
Highly recommended! So, I had my issues with substances Then I lost someone I loved very much to a drug overdose. To make matters worse, this was the night I bonded her out of jail and I was the one to find her. Needless to say I was not in a good place in my life. Without the support I had I’d be gone for sure. These 3 words are what stand out and had the biggest impact on me throughout counseling with Patrick. Encouraging, honest, unique Encouraging- he was supportive with where ever I was at, and gave me hope when I had none. Honest- With other counselors I would hide things or be embarrassed but with Patrick I felt comfortable enough to talk about anything and everything. No judgement. Unique- method to the madness! Whether in group or in individuals I felt like counseling was tailored just for me. I’m sure some of it was. I know I pushed the limits for sure and somehow he was able to get through to me as I can be very thick headed. No 2 days were the same and how he got re...
- Becky O
a year ago
Thomas uses an educational guided therapy approach, that teaches the information and tools needed to successfully implement changes into everyday life and relationships. Therapy with him really did set my life back on track, and because of this, I always feel confident in referring his services to others.
- Marianne P

Let us spice up your life !

Thomas Kaltenecker, MS, LPC, NCC, CADC has been a substance abuse counselor for the past 5 years. His previous work as hospitality educator  and Executive Chef has provided 15 years of nutritional and culinary training which he is now combining with his passion for mental health counseling to share guidance to help achieve a healthier life style. As an immigrant Thomas also has unique experiences and understanding in working with this diverse population and specific stressors. (Services in Spanish and German are available)  

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